• "Dedication To Charity, Truth And Loving Kindness."

  • "One Of The Largest Fraternal Organizations That Both Women And Men Can Belong..."

  • "Local chapters are charity driven, supporting their own charities and places of service in their own communities."

  • "Fidelity, Constancy, Loyalty, Faith and Love Words From Our Founder, - Rob Morris"

  • "From humble beginnings a Fraternal Order grows"

  • "Fellowship Opportunities On The Local, State, And International Levels"

  • "Membership In A Benevolent Fraternal Organization Making A Difference In Our World"

  • "We Raised 1.2 Million Dollars Through Charitable Donations For Service Animals, This Is But One Of Many Of Our Charitable Efforts"

  • "Eastern Star International Headquarters Located In Washington, DC Is Open For Tours."

Our History

Dr. Robert Morris, the poet laureate of Masonry, founded this Order using beautiful and inspiring Biblical examples of heroic conduct and moral values. These portray the noble principles which should adorn the personal lives of Eastern Star members…

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Our Mission

The members of the Order of the Eastern Star are dedicated women and men who sincerely reflect the spirit of fraternal love and the desire to work together for good. It gives them the opportunity to give a part of their time to many projects that benefit mankind…

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Learn More

Our founder was a well-known Master Mason and he wanted the Female Relatives of Master Masons to have a fraternal organization that they could belong to and that the Master Masons could belong to also. The members of the Order of the Eastern Star…

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Join Us

We are one of the largest fraternal organizations that both men and women can belong. Membership eligibility is the same for the Grand Chapters and Subordinate Chapters that are affiliated with the General Grand Chapter, OES. Depending on…

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Eastern Star strives to take good people, through uplifting and elevating associations of love and service as well as through precept and exam­ple, to build an Order which is truly dedicated to Charity, Truth and Loving Kindness.

General Grand Chapter OES logoFirst, let us state, there are several organizations and businesses in the world that use the name “Eastern Star.” Within this Web site, we are referring to an organization known as The General Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star and its affiliated Grand Chapters and Chapters. If you are looking for one of the other “Eastern Stars” try checking our Links Page.

The purpose of this site is twofold. One, we hope to be able to help those who have an interest in the Eastern Star find out more about it and how to join. Two, for our members we are here to help you learn about the services that are provided by the General Grand Chapter and give you additional resources for information. To begin, just click on the topic that interests you from those listed on the menu choices at the top of the page.

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