State Dining Room

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State Dining Room

This spectactular room’s most expensive feature is the ceiling.

During one of the Belmont’s trips to Europe, they visited one of the Doge Palaces in Venice.   In one room Mrs. Belmont commented on how much she liked the ceiling – so Mr. Belmont bought it for her.

The entire ceiling was disassembled and brought to the United States.   This room was designed around the ceiling.   The marble window casings and wainscoting are copied from the palace from which the ceiling came.

Also from Europe are the stone fireplace and four touchier lamps.   Unfortunately the original artwork and chandeliers from the ceiling were sold by Mr. Belmont about a year before the Eastern Star bought the building.

As part of a recent renovation of this floor, donations were requested to finance new paintings and chandeliers.   A local artist was commissioned to paint the new panels with the Eastern Star symbols as the theme, and the chandeliers were ordered from Italy.

The results are spectacular and this room is one of the most remembered features of the mansion.