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Growing the JOURNAL

We want to hear from you and your Jurisdiction.  The Eastern Star Journal is always looking for articles from Sisters and Brothers around the world.  Please share with the rest of the OES what you, your Chapter, and Jurisdiction are doing.  Here are guidelines for submitting your articles.

Journal Editor:

Send articles to the Editor of the Eastern Star Journal, Mrs. Nancy Ford, PGM of Maryland, using this email link –> OES Journal Editor.

Or, you can mail articles and photos via USPS mail to:


OES Journal Editor

1618 New Hampshire Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20009-2549

Deadlines for submitting articles for the next issue:

  • December 15
  • March 15
  • June 15
  • September 15

How to Write and Submit an Article

Articles may be composed by any member of the Eastern Star and should be submitted to the Editor in the following manner:

  1. Electronic is preferred. Email article and photo to (editor’s email).
    • Word or Notepad documents are preferred. (.doc, .docs, .txt).
    • Do not send as a PDF.
  2. US Mail (or international) is acceptable with a typed article.
  3. English is necessary for all articles and communication.

Pictures may be sent in the following manner:

  1. Digital photos are preferred. Pictures in electronic format (.jpg) submitted online in the highest quality available (minimum 400x400px).
  2. Printed photos with clarity sufficient for scanning. Please note that original pictures will not be returned.

All submissions (photos and articles) must have the following information included:

  1. Author’s name and title
  2. Author’s contact information, both email and phone.
  3. Include chapter or affiliation and member names / General Grand Chapter affiliation and member names
  4. Notes for the editor about the article or photo to assist the editor in determining how to publish the article.

If you have any questions for submitting an article, or are unable to submit as listed above, please email the Editor.  Note that the editor retains the right to edit, adjust, or otherwise make changes to an article or image without consulting with the original author.  All articles and images become the property of the Eastern Star Journal.

All articles submitted must be the work of the submitter, and all quotations must be appropriately credited to the original author; otherwise it will not be published by the Journal.  Clippings from newspapers cannot be published by the Journal, unless written permission is included from the original publisher when submitting the article or image.